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The Miss. Press, 4/5/14 Chevron Pascagoula Refinery celebrates past, looks to the future

Sun Herald, 3/22/14 Chinn set to step in as general manager

The Miss. Press, 2/3/14 Bruce Chinn to replace Tom Kovar as general manager of Chevron's Pascagoula refinery

The Miss. Press, 11/3/2013 Chevron: 'We think Pascagoula is set up for success' with $1.4 billion base oil plant

The Miss. Press, 5/7/13 Chevron Pascagoula Refinery makes $25,000 donation to Excel by 5 through Mississippi Gulf Resort Classic

The Miss. Press, 4/27/13 Chevron hosts volunteer firefighter training at Pascagoula refinery

The Miss. Press, 3/21/13 Chevron Donates $1 million to Pascagoula River Audubon Center

The Miss. Press, 11/15/12 Chevron Pascagoula Refinery introduces job opportunities at high school career fair

The Miss. Press, 11/4/12 Coast nonprofits receive $350,000 in grants from Chevron

The Miss. Press, 9/12/12 Chevron Pascagoula Refinery announces Fuel Your School program

The Miss. Press, 8/24/12 Chevron Pascagoula Refinery donates cribs to child care centers

The Miss. Press, 5/22/12 Chevron fuels local economy

The Miss. Press, 4/22/12 Chevron offers free fire training to Jackson County firefighters

WLOX, 3/2/12 Chevron protecting baby owls found atop elevator

The Miss. Press, 3/1/12 Chevron base oil project adjusted to accommodate owl fledglings

The Miss. Press, 10/4/11 $1.4 billion Chevron facility now taking shape

WLOX, 10/3/11 Construction will bring 1,000 jobs to Jackson County

Mississippi Public Broadcasting, 7/11/11 Miss. #1 for Oil & Gas Investment

Sun Herald, 6/23/11 611 Flyover project taking off over US 90

The Miss. Press, 4/28/11 Chevron's Steve Renfroe retires from refinery today

The Miss. Press Editorial, 4/24/11 Expanding Jackson Co.'s Energy Presence

The Miss. Press, 4/25/11 Chevron moving forward with $1.4 billion expansion

WLOX, 4/9/11 Chevron teaches firefighters to fight industrial fires

The Miss. Press, 3/17/11 Audubon Center workshop: cleaning oiled birds

The Miss. Press Editorial, 2/6/11 Expansion is vote of confidence

WLOX Editorial, 2/2/11 Chevron investing in South Mississippi’s future

Sun Herald Editorial, 2/2/11 Chevron makes huge commitment to the Coast

The Mississippi Press, 2/1/11 Expansion to create jobs

WLOX, 1/31/11 Chevron’s $1.4 billion expansion means more jobs

The Miss. Press, 1/31/11 Chevron, Gov. Barbour announce $1.4 billion expansion

Press Releases

Chevron's Fuel Your School Program to launch in Jackson County

Chevron to Build $1.4 Billion Lubricants Plant in Pascagoula

Pascagoula Base Oil Project Under Consideration

Chevron Approves Continuous Catalytic Reformer Project

Chevron Approves Fluid Catalytic Cracking Project

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